Industrial Wastewater Pumps

Wastewater Pumps are primarily used to handle the transfer of polluted liquids carrying organic and inorganic solid constituents. A number of industries put these kinds of pumps into use in their day-to-day applications. These pumps are mainly used in industrial Effluent treatment plants, Biogas Plants and waste water treatment plants. Since the liquids in the industrial sector are much more aggressive in nature, the waste water pumps used for industries are sturdier in their built and functioning.

Roto Pumps are one of the top-most Wastewater Pumps manufacturers and suppliers in the market. These pumps comprise of a single helix metallic rotor, double helix elastomeric stator, cardan universal joints, coupling rod & stub shaft. The liquid is pumped from suction port and it travels through cavities formed due to circular movement of rotor inside the stator. The media leaves the pump from the discharge port. These pumps can handle solid percentage of up to 40%. For this, these pumps are supplied with auger and bridge breaker arrangement.

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