Industrial Twin Screw Pumps

Twin Screw Pumps are a type of Positive Displacement Pumps. A couple of screw spindles, a closed cylindrical compartment and timing gears constitutes the main parts of these pumps. The timing gears are attached to the ends of the screw spindles that are fixed inside the compartment. The motor makes the spindles rotate in opposite directions. As the spindles circulate, a gap is maintained between them and the lining inside the compartment. The clockwise and anti-clockwise circulation of the spindles lifts the liquid into the compartment and moves it along their axis. The strong pressure of the moving liquid is efficiently managed owing to the perfect hydraulic balance maintained by the spindles. The liquid is finally carried towards the discharge end of the compartment and disposed of.

Roto Pumps is one of the topmost Twin Screw Pumps manufacturers. Roto’s Twin Screw Pumps are provided with double profile screw spindles resulting in them providing high volumetric efficiency.  These pumps confirms to API 676 3rd Edition, CE & ATEX certifications.

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