Industrial Molasses Pumps

Molasses or black treacle is a viscous liquid that is obtained during the process of obtaining sugar from sugarcane or sugar beets. Thus this highly viscous liquid requires a robust pump which can transfer such fluids with ease. Roto’s Gear Pumps and Wide Throat Progressive Cavity Pumps perform the task of transferring molasses fluid efficiently.

Roto’s External Gear Pumps can efficiently handle thinner, thicker and even corrosive fluids. These pumps are compact, competent and ensure longer service life. These pumps can be customized for high-pressure applications. Roto’s Gear Pumps are Positive Displacement Pumps that function when an unchanging volume of fluid passes through the teeth of meshing gears. This process creates a vacuum that fills the pump with liquid.

Roto’s Wide Throat Progressive Cavity Pumps are also used to transfer viscous liquids such as molasses. When molasses is put on to the augur-on-coupling rod, it pushes the substance to the pumping element. The twin paddle bridge breaker arrangement of the Wide Throat Pumps can effectively handle fluids with high solid content and non-flowing properties.

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