Industrial Single Screw Pumps

Single Screw Pumps are a type of Positive Displacement Pumps. They are used in several industries that require transfer of liquids with uniformed and non-pulsating flow. These industries include marine, paint, paper, cosmetics, chemicals, ceramic and paint and many more.  These Single Screw pumps ensure perfect handling of both abrasive and non-abrasive liquids, as well as liquids containing solid particles like sewage, bilge and sludge. These pumps are known for their high suction lifting ability, low-maintenance and almost silent operating.

These reversible pumps work on the theory of positive displacement. A single rotor and two elastomer stators are the essential parts of these kinds of pumps. When the rotor moves inside the stators, cavities are formed. The pump pulls the liquid from the suction end and it moves through the cavities and get discharged.

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