Pumps for Sludge Dewatering

Dewatering is necessary for many industries. Some areas where Dewatering Pumps are used are Mining Industry &, wastewater treatment plants.

Most of the mines are dug below the water table due to gravity water seeps into these mines. Dewatering is used to pump up the water up to the surface.

The by-product that we get after treating the wastewater is known as sludge. Sludge dewatering is done in wastewater treatment plants. The clean water so obtained is then reused for commercial purposes. Roto Pumps are used in a variety of dewatering applications. Roto provide dependable pumping solutions for critical industrial applications like face dewatering, stage dewatering, and other general-purpose applications.

Roto Pumps can effectively reduce sludge volume by separating water from the sludge. Open sand beds, Flocculent Chemical dosing, Belt filter press, etc. are some of the dewatering methods.

Roto Pumps also provides training services for product installation to familiarise the customer with the pump and its operations.

Roto Pumps used for dewatering applications are

  • RM Series PC Pumps
  • RD Series PC Pumps
  • AODD Pumps
  • WM Series Wide Throat PC Pumps
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