Slurry Pumps are sued for handling slurries which are viscous, shear sensitive, abrasive and have fine solids. Several industries use these kinds to pumps for mining and dredging applications. They are the best choice for handling a variety of abrasive and non-abrasive liquids such as molasses, melt, curries, explosive mix, clay mixture, mud, paint etc. These pumps can easily be customized to suit individual needs. Also, these pumps are known for being economical and easy to maintain.

Slurry Pumps are also known as progressive cavity pumps. These pumps operate on the principle of positive displacement. It consists of metallic rotor inside two elastomer stator. When the rotor starts turning inside the stator, cavities are formed to transfer the liquid from suction to discharge end. These pumps have separate bearings mean liquid can be pumped with no contamination. Also, these pumps run silently and are non-clogging. Slurry pumps can pumps liquid in both directions as they have reversible feature.

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