Sludge is the waste media produced by wastewater treatment plants, effluent treatment plants, and biogas plants. As wide throat Progressive Cavity Pumps are widely used for transfer of sludge, therefore these pumps are often reffered as Sludge Pumps. These pumps are specifically designed to transfer thickened sludge with high solid content smoothly. These wide throat pumps are customised as per application and media properties like viscosity, shear sensitiveness, solid percentage etc.

These pumps can handle dewatered sludge, sludge cake, primary sludge, floating sludge, Bio sludge, and other such types of fluids efficiently. These pumps are used in industries such as Wastewater, Biogas, Muncipal Wastewater, Distillation and ETP’s of almost all the manufacturing plants.

Some of the benefits of Roto’s Sludge Pumps are as follows:

    1. Low maintenance cost & longer life cycle.
    1. These pumps can handle highly corrosive and abrasive media with ease.
    1. Non-Clogging feature
    1. Sturdy and durable.

These pumps are built with robust material and have a compact design. In the wastewater industry, the Thickened Sludge Pumps are used in various stages. These include primary and secondary clarification processes, sludge thickening process, digestion process, dewatering, and sludge incineration.

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