Biogas is a clean fuel, and it also produces organic manure for farming. The Progressive Cavity Pumps are used for handling highly viscous media in biogas plants.
Roto Pumps used in the biogas industry are Biomix Pump, Horizontal RB Series Biomass Pumps, Vertical VB Series Biomass Pumps, and Horizontal RM Series Pumps. These pumps are capable of providing a flow rate of up to 500 m3/hr and a pressure of up to 48 bar.
Biomix Pumps are used for mixing solid bio waste with digestate slurry and finally transferring it to the Fermentation tanks. Horizontal RB Series Pumps are used to handle bio mix feed, press separator, pasteurized biomass, and condensed substrate. The Vertical VB Series Pumps handle the transfer of organic manure from the open lagoon. Finally, the Horizontal RM Series Pumps are used to transfer digestate feed, cow dung slurry transfer, liquid manure, and slaughter waste.

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