Industrial Chemical Dosing Pump

Chemical Dosing Pumps are popular across several industries like pharma, chemical, food etc. due to their capability of successfully handling precise dosing applications. If you are looking for pumps suitable for transferring fluids smoothly with varying viscosities, abrasiveness or shear sensitive properties. , then these kinds of pumps are your best choice. Roto chemical dosing pumps are also good for aiding low-flow applications as they can handle the minimum flow of 0.68 LPH. On the other hand, these pumps can dose liquid up to maximum flow of 500 LPH and pressure up to 24 bar. Another reason for Dosing Pumps being a preferred choice among buyers is that they ensure efficient functioning for both intermittent and continuous dosing duties, as well as proportionate dosing of media. These pumps ensure high dosing accuracies with +/- 1% variations.

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