Pumps for Meat Industry Applications

The DM series pump is a heavy-duty semi-hygienic pump, that is designed to handle highly viscous, shear sensitive and non-flowable fluids. This Progressive Cavity Pump can be customized with wide throat configuration.

The metal bonded aseptic food-grade stator provided with this pump is resistant to oil and fats. The closed universal joints enable this pump to handle fluids with low lubricating value. This food and beverage pump is available in close-coupled and bare shaft configurations. The wide throat hopper inlets containing coupling rot mounted augers are available for highly viscous fluids.

Some of the benefits of the DM series pump are:

  • The head developed is independent of speed.
  • The metallic parts which are in contact with food or fluid are manufactured in smooth finish stainless steel.
  • It ensures positive cleaning.
  • It gently handles shear-sensitive fluids.
  • It effectively handles mixtures containing a high percentage of solids.
  • This pump can handle a high percentage of air/gas/vapour with fluid.
  • This pump is versatile and handles fluids from clear water to highly viscous fluids.
  • The rotation and direction of flow of the DM series pump are reversible.
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