Industrial Mono Pumps, Netzsch Spare Parts, and Seepex Parts

Roto Pumps Africa (Pty) Ltd. (RPZA) is a subsidiary of Roto Pumps Ltd. The objective of establishing this facility was to provide various types of pumps and spares to the African Market. RPZA has an extensive network of channel partners and distributors across Africa. RPNA provides Positive Displacement Pumps, Centrifugal Pumps, Pump Packages, and Retrofit Parts (for other brands also) in the African market.

These pumps and spare parts can cater to various industries such as Sugar, Oil and Gas, Mining, Sugar, Pharmaceuticals, Food, Ceramic, Steel, Biogas, Chemicals, Defence Marine and offshore, Edible Oil, and many more. Roto Pumps is the first choice when it comes to buying Spare parts. Roto’s Retrofit spare parts are interchangeable. Roto’s various spare parts are a variety of shafts, coupling rods, rotors, stators, and universal joint kits.

Roto Pumps are one of the top manufacturers of the Progressive Cavity Pumps. Our spare parts are made with excellent quality material of international standards. Care is taken so that the dimensions and critical tolerances of the spares are maintained. The Roto Retrofit Parts are designed in such a way that they can fit the Progressive Cavity Pumps of any other brand such as:

The spare parts available with Roto include:

Seepex Parts

Roto’s Retrofit parts for Seepex pumps come with 12 months warranty. Roto provides Retrofit Spare parts for Seepex MD range, N Range and L Range.

Netzsch Spare Parts

Roto Retrofit Spares can be used for Netzsch Pumps. These parts come with a warranty of 12 months. Roto provides Retrofit Spare parts for Netzsch NE series- Pin Joint, NM Series – std. Geometry, NE series- Gear Joint and NM Series – L geometry.

Mono Pumps parts

Roto provides Retrofit Spare parts for Mono’s E Range, B Range – Long Pitch, X Range, S Hygienic Range, C Compact Range – Long Pitch, C Compact Range, Merlin Range, E Range – Long Pitch, D Range, B Range, L Range and Mini Range.

The Retrofit spares such as the rotor, stator, and other parts come with a 12-month warranty. This warranty is applicable even if Retrofit Spare parts are used for the pumps of different brands. Roto has a state-of-the-art manufacturing unit and the latest technology; thus, all the products manufactured are of high quality. Roto has a global network of distributors and highly trained professionals that provide quick and efficient support and solutions for all your pumping problems.

Roto’s technical experts are highly trained, and they understand the functionality of these vital spare parts.

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