Helical Rotor Pumps are a type of Positive Displacement Pumps. Roto Helical rotor pumps are used in more than 25 industries such as paint, paper, chemical, marine, navy, biogas, oil & gas, waste water etc. for transfer of liquids with different properties like viscosity, shear sensitiveness, abrasiveness, corrosive etc. The body and the components of these pumps are built with sturdy materials to ensure the highest level of efficiency. These pumps comprise of a helical rotor and a double helix rubber stator. The rotor is fixed inside the stator where it rotates on its axis. The circular motion of the rotor forms cavities along its axis and the liquid is transferred through these cavities from suction to discharge port of the pump.

Helical Rotor Pumps are known for non-clogging and reversible feature. These pumps work fine in low NPSHR conditions and with applications having low internal velocity requirements. Another advantage of these pumps is that they are non-shearing in nature. This means that they can transfer a wide range of fluids without hampering their quality. Due to this feature, they are actively used in the food industry among others to transfer different classes of foods including butter, yeast and meat chunks. These pump can operate up to maximum flow rate of 2200 GPM and pressure up to 696 PSI.

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