Slurry Pumps

Slurry is a liquid that contains solid particles. Slurry pumps are sturdier than normal pumps and can be used to transfer a wide array of fluids.

Roto’s Slurry Pumps are capable of handling viscous, corrosive and gentle forms of fluids. Due to their robust structure, these pumps are used in the mining, explosives, food, paint, paper etc. These pumps are designed to handle materials such as oil, mud and paints.

Slurry Pumps are easy to maintain and clean. These pumps are sub types of Positive Displacement Pumps, which operate with a single helix metallic rotor and double helix elastomeric stator. The rotor is connected to the stator. When the machine starts, the rotor moves within the stator and cavities are formed. A sealing line is formed along the axis of the rotor. The cavities that are formed in the casing transfer the liquid from the suction end to the discharge end.

Some of the benefits of these pumps are:

  • Progressive cavities are generated due to the single rotating element. These cavities help to deliver uniformed, metered and non -pulsating flow.
  • These pumps can work on snore and do not require a foot valve.
  • Their non-clogging feature helps these pumps to handle fluids that have a high percentage of solids.
  • These pumps have suction lift capabilities of up to 9.5mWc and are effective in high vacuum conditions.
  • These pumps are built with the material that protects the media from degradation.
  • Progressive Cavity pumps can perform in both the direction due to their reversible rotation capabilities.
  • These pumps generate less noise as the rotor turns inside the resilient stator.

Some of the pumps used for transporting slurry are Roto’s Standard PC pumps. Wide Throat PC pumps, Dosing Pumps, General Purpose Pumps, Vertical Pumps, Food Pumps and Tirrana Agricultural Pump.

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